The building has been used as a village hall since 1984

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Nassington Village Hall was originally the Methodist School Room. In 1983 there was a meeting to discuss purchasing this property to convert it into a village hall.

We received a grant in 1998 from the Lottery Fund which enabled us to make the hall accessible to disabled people. An extension to the hall was opened to improve storage facilities.



If you are interested in how the purchase of the hall came about then there is further information in the booklet describing the process.

You can download it as a word document or a pdf.

In 1994 the floor in the hall was replaced. The children in the village took the opportunity to make a time capsule which was buried under the new floor.

These pictures show some of the children with some of the items that were placed inside the time capsule.

In August 2008 the kitchen was rebuilt to celebrate 25 years of the Village Hall.