Our village newsletter.........

The Newsletter is the phoenix from the ashes of the Church monthly magazine, which had been carried on in essence by the Parish Council from the mid 1980s to early 90s.  It was officially constituted in 1993 when current arrangements were set up to include the wider village on the committee. 
The constitution of the Newsletter states "Its aims are to produce a monthly magazine giving local news and information for village organisations and advertise information and events of local interest to the village. It would produce articles of local interest and act as a Notice Board for village matters. No anonymous contributions can be published. The magazine is to be delivered to every house in the Parish and will be free"
"It is financed by grants from the Parish Council, the main clubs and organisations which use its services and by selling advertising space.......[and] contributions from individuals to support its work"
The committee is made up of 2 Parish Councillors plus 4 people elected at Annual Parish Meetings for a term of 3 years. There can be an additional 4 people - if you would like to be involved, click HERE.
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