Could you be a host to Mary & Joseph for the night?


What is Posada? Posada is a Spanish word meaning 'inn'. Posada celebrations originated in Mexico where two young people were chosen to dress up as Mary and Joseph. They would travel from house to house in their village telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus and asking them if they would give Him a room. On Christmas Eve they would re-enact a community play and bring figures of Mary and Joseph to be placed around a crib.

Our own Posada is the modern day equivalent based on this concept, but encourages people to give a home to the nativity figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph for a night. This symbolises making room for Jesus in our lives, homes and communities.

Each night from the fourth Sunday before Christmas the travelling crib moves around our parish, arriving in Nassington Church in time to celebrate the birth of Jesus at the Christmas Eve Crib service.


To get involved …….

All you need to do is add your name to the Journey Rota for a night that will suit you to 'host' Mary, Joseph and the crib.

The Crib will arrive on your chosen night for you to enjoy.

The next day you need to take the travelling crib to the next host on the journey rota. It's as simple as that.

Is this for adults or children?

Definitely BOTH!!

Our purpose for organising the Posada is to encourage everyone to stop for a moment to think about the first Christmas and the birth of Jesus and what this means to us.

To host the travelling crib for a night please contact Philippa Joyce telephone 782773 or email before November 28th

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