The Parish Council has secured a grant for a hang out area at the playing field to consist of a multi use games rebound wall and some seating, aimed at use by older children and teenagers.

Your input would be appreciated - we would like views as to where it should go and what sort of seating there should be......

The rebound wall will look something like the illustrations below (but probably without the hoop).  There will be a goal mouth, some cricket wickets and an area for rebound football / tennis / ball practise.

There will be some seating too and the area is anticipated to be a hangout area for the older children and young people of the village to meet and socialise.

The parish council is talking to user groups and people who live in the village to find out to what they think about where this hangout area should go and your ideas are welcome and encouraged.  Please complete the survey on THIS page and feel free to add your comments or email directly with your views using the link below.

We really look forward to hearing from you

Here is a plan of the field which shows the two sites that are under consideration:

What style of bench would be best?
'Sleeper' style or traditional style? or a mixture of both?
(These pictures are examples of the general style)

The questionnaire to let us know your views is on this page ----> HERE

If you have problems, email using this link